Herbal Henna Powder

Herbal Henna Powder with 9 herbs

Herbal henna powder hennahub india
  • Henna Powder mix with 9 Herbs like Amla, Shikakai, Reetha, Bhringraj, Hibiscus, Jatamasi, Katha, Neem and kapoor kachli 
  • 100% Premium Henna Powder
  • Lawson content 1.5-2.75%
  • Best use for Hair 
  • Available packing: 100gm, 200gm, 1kg, 5kg, 25kg, 40kg bag
  • Minimum Order:  200kg for Domestic, 500kg for International
  • Third Party Manufacturing Available

Best Natural Herbal Henna Powder Exporter in India

Natural henna Powder exporter in India, Hennahub India is a leading exporter of natural henna powder in India. Henna Powder is an alternative to synthetic hair dye, especially for people with sensitive scalps or those with allergies to synthetic hair dyes.

Our products are 100% natural, chemical free & we use Steam sterilized herbs, handmade , clean ingredients, zero sulphate & paraben , GMO free , No additive, No preservative, No added Colours and No synthetic Fragrance

Some of Packing Picture of our products

hennahub herbal henna 200gm

Brand: Hennahub

Herbal Henna Powder
100gm / 200gm

hennahub herbal henna 500gm 1kg pack

Brand: Hennahub

Herbal Henna Powder
500gm / 1 kg

herbal henna 25kg pp bag

Loose Pack

Herbal Henna Powder PP Bag Pack 20kg / 25 kg

hennahub bulk 40kg packing henna powder

Loose Pack

Herbal Henna Powder PP Bag 40 kg pack

manufacturer of natural henna powder in India

Brand: Hennahub

Herbal Henna Powder
20kg /25 kg Jute Bag

orgasure herbal henna 200gm box pack

Brand: Orgasure

Herbal Henna Powder
200gm Box Pack

khadihub 100gm natural henna powder

Brand: Khadihub

Herbal Henna Powder 100gm Box Pack

H&B Naturals 100gm natural henna powder

Brand: H&B Natural

Herbal Henna Powder 100gm Box Pack

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About Herbal Henna Powder

A Herbal Henna product that comes with a perfect blend of 9 herbs including henna like fenugreek, amla, hibiscus, shikakai, reetha, khatha, shikakai, bhringraj and neem powder.

Henna, which is binomially known as Lawsonia Inermis, is a natural herb which is obtained from the leaves of Lawsonia Plant. These Lawsonia leaves are obtained and then dried to crush them to powder form. Henna is full of coloring properties which leaves stains on skin and hairs. Henna is the most famous and most common natural herb which provides coloring to skin and hairs.

Henna is particularly popular in India, where mehndi is often applied before a wedding, typically on the bride’s hands and feet. Traditionally, it is said that when a bride wears henna designs, the darker the color, the more her husband will love her. It also features in many religious and cultural festivals, such as Karva Chauth, Diwali and Eid.

Henna is usually made into a paste that is then piped, syringed or painted onto the skin in intricate patterns. It needs to be left on the skin for a period of time to allow for the staining to occur, then the dried paste can be flaked off. The stain is initially orange in color, but darkens over several days to a reddish brown. It will then gradually wear off, but can last weeks.

1.Henna improves hair growth
2.It reduces hair fall
3.Mehendi prevents dandruff
4.Henna controls scalp itchiness
5.It is a natural hair dye
6.It repairs splits ends
7.It maintains balance and keeps scalp clean
8.It makes your hair thick and lustrous
9.It makes your hair shiny, soft and manageable
10.It can be used for Oily Scalp

Direction For use

  1. In a glass bowl, mix the hennahub powder and water until you get a thick, smooth and spreadable consistency.
  2. Set this aside for about 12 hours for the color to develop, if you do not want the color to develop, you can simply start applying the mixture to your hair.
  3. Apply some coconut oil to your hairline. Ears and neck to keep them protected from the colour.
  4. Throw on some gloves and start applying brush, start from the roots and make your ways to the tips.
  5. Wrap each section around the top of your crown as you apply the henna so that you end up with a bun.
  6. Once all of your hair is covered in the mixture, cover your head with shower cap and wait for couple of hours.
  7. Rinse the henna out of your hair with shampoo skip conditioning.
  8. Let your hair air dry.

Note: For dark color, use tea/ coffee in henna mixture, For light color, lemon juice