Our Brand

Our Brand

“At Hennahub India, we produce a wide range of Henna/Mehendi products, hair care products and skin care products. Our quality is our priority, and we are constantly serving society with premium products at affordable rates. Under the Hennahub brand, we offer premium henna powder, henna-based hair colour, hair care products and essential oils.

Orgasure is dedicated to natural herbal products for skin and hair care. Khadihub specializes in natural face packs. H&B Naturals provides hair colour, shampoo, and premium hair care products. Jaivikart focuses on e-commerce products, ensuring that our premium offerings are accessible to a wider audience.”

Premium Hair and Skin care Brand.

Hennahub is known for its best quality henna powder, 100% pure herbal powder, henna-based hair color and essential oils. Every product has its own premium identity among the customers and in the market.

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Orgasure offers natural herbal products designed to
enhance skin and hair care. Embrace the purity of nature with
our premium, eco-friendly and chemical free formulations.

Natural Face Pack Brand.

Khadihub specializes in natural face packs that
rejuvenate and nourish your skin. Our products are crafted from pure, organic ingredients for a radiant, healthy complexion.
Experience the essence of traditional beauty care with Khadihub.

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H&B naturals

H&B Naturals provides a luxurious range of hair color,
shampoos, and premium hair care products. Our formulations are designed to deliver salon-quality results in the comfort of your home. Elevate your hair care routine with H&B Naturals' exceptional products